Blue Moon


We’re not all talk; we make things happen.
Take a look at some of our cases.

  • Hotel and conference centre Ter Elst

    Fixed installation

  • Vestar

    Vaste installatie

  • AXA Bank

    Fixed installations

  • Event and ambient lighting

    Summer party

  • EPP Congress Rotterdam

    Congress Rotterdam

  • Protime

    In-house studio

  • Flemish Parliament

    Fixed installations

  • Mediafin

    War Debate

  • VITO

    G-STIC Dubai

  • Independent Health Insurance Fund

    I was 20 in 2020

  • BLSC

    Excellence Awards Shopping & Retail

  • Martens Centre

    European Ideas Forum

  • VOKA

    VOKA Vooruitblik


    annual event FEBEG

  • Vivium

    Digital Awards

  • The Beacon

    Studio Sonar

  • Impextraco

    Tour of the facilities


    New Year’s event